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roswell artist-in-residence program
& the
 roswell museum and art center

present in the Marshall Gallery

June - August 2009




oil on canvas, 48”x72”, 2009

She's Fabulous But She's Evil
oil on canvas, 72"x72", 2009

Kelli Vance's current body of work examines the nature of women's relationships to themselves and other women, and behavioral prescripts mandated by society. Her paintings are manifestations of the complexities and un-certainties surrounding identity and the psychological upheaval that can result.

The women in Vance's depicted environments appear to be part of an unfolding drama that quotes cinematic and literal worlds where feelings of agitation and displacement are revealed in various guises. By addressing gender politics and the locations of power, Vance magnifies the contradictions that exist within these relationships and creates imagery that can be simultaneously attractive and alienating, arousing and anxiety-producing.

Caroline Brooks,
Assistant Director,
Roswell Museum and Art Center



Born in Garland, Texas, Vance received her BFA degree from the University of North Texas and an MFA degree from the University of Houston. She has exhibited throughout Texas and is currently represented by McClain Gallery in Houston.



'Now That This Mountain Is Hers
She Can Wash Her Hands In Its Streams,
Drink From Them If She Sees Fit,Live In Its Caves,
Run Up Its Sheer Rock Faces' Long I Know’
oil on canvas, 72”x96”, 2008

Looking at You Looking at Me
oil on canvas, 72"x108", 2009




A Good Girl Goes Bad
oil on canvas, 72"x60", 2009




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