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present in the Marshall Gallery

Renee van der Stelt
January- February, 2009


What is drawing and how can a line be moved off a page and into a three dimensional space? Or how can the traditional definition of drawing as a mark on a page be expanded to systematically reveal a different conception of line and space? These central questions are the core of Renee van der Stelt’s work. Recent art works are produced through drawing, repeatedly puncturing the surface of the paper with a pin or shaped punch, and through cutting paper. The resulting images and forms describe space in both diagrammatic and topographic ways. Depending upon the direction of the light and the placement of these forms in space, the visual maps appear as two and three dimensional dots, low reliefs, or points of light. The drawings, which can also be considered sculptures, suggest the globe and our galaxy. They explore strategies for mapping three dimensional space as well as movements around the globe. They reveal biases and limitations about how we think about space and of how visual information in maps are used to perpetuate those ideas.

2008, paper and vellum

57" x 16"

Black Hole / Iceberg
2007 Paper, light, shelf
52 x 62 x 13”

Longitude/Latitude – Ellipse Installation
2007 Pencil, paper, pins
dimensions variable

Rolled Globe: North of Equator
2008, paper & halogen light,
7 x 53 x 7” (detail)

At the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program, van der Stelt has focused in part on the mineral resources available in the geographic region: specifically the location of water, oil, gas, and electric lines. The desire to understand complex systems of local and global human interaction with natural resources is what lies behind the abstracted drawings/sculptures. Additionally, there is an equally strong desire to explore the definition of drawing through the works. If successful, when seen as overlapping images, there is an honest attempt to give the viewer a broader understanding of the region. Six ink drawings exhibit a more intimate, response to the land by ‘mapping’ the movement of varied grasses in the wind.

The New Oil: New Mexico Water
2008, paper, light, 59 x 50”

The New Oil: New Mexico Water
2008, paper, light, (detail)

2009, paper, light, 52 x 59

Installation view



Moon Craters
2008, ink on hand cut paper 25 x 27”

Moon Craters with Northern/Southern Sky
2008, ink on hand cut paper, 25 x 27”

Mapped Global Maps
2008, graphite on paper, 52 x 70” 

New Mexico Grass/June
2008, ink on paper, 19 x 24”






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