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present in the Marshall Gallery
Ven Voisey

Unfinished Animal
August 9 - September 18, 2013

The human animal is under construction.

As a species with a historic need to create, build, and transcend itself scientifically, economically, and spiritually, we have a unique habit of continually altering our environment, our means of survival, and our consciousness. With an increasingly rampant output of information, structures, rhythms, and systems both figurative and literal, societal and personal, intentional and inadvertent, we find ourselves in the midst of densely layered realities, from the cities we construct to the ideologies we abide by.

The works built for Unfinished Animal are structures; layerings of familiarity, pre-existing meaning, and continually mutating contexts. Neon advertisements are obscured by leaded glass abstractions, shipping pallets reconfigured into architectural illusions, technology developed for recording and broadcasting information transformed into visceral aural instruments of unobtainable ephemerality. Unfinished Animal is an exhibition of impractical instruments created to evoke questions, and interface the unknown; a celebration straddling the division between absurd and mundane, valuable and useless, profane and sacred.

Pallet House (Room 1), 2013
24” X 24”
Pallet House (Room 2), 2013
24” X 24”

Ceremonial Instrument
Mixed: wood, motor, cassette players, loop cassettes, sound
101” X 72” X 72”, 2013
Ceremonial Instrument
Installation view

Sacred/Useless, 2009/2013
Sticker vending machine, stickers
48” X 12” X12”
Shepherd's Crown, 2013
Mixed: wood, speakers, sound, mirrors, motor
36” X 84” X 84”

I Think it's a Sign (Blue/Red), 2013
Mixed: wood, leaded glass, neon beer sign
40” X 40” X 9”
I Think it's a Sign (Red/White), 2013
Mixed: wood, leaded glass, neon beer sign
40” X 40” X 9”
“Much of my work has to do with the communication, or more often, the difficult absurdity of communication and language systems; between each other, between belief systems, between eras, between species, between cultures... Although much of the work is created out of a frustrating circumstance, I find a sort of complicated hope and joy in this common, often obsessive, quest for our species to connect with each other and the surrounding world. My background is in working with a variety of mediums: sound composition, drawing, painting and sculptural installation. In the next year I'm looking to continue to bring the physical, sculptural and compositional elements of my work together into a new body of work centered around the notions of continual cycles, synchronicity, and repetitive rhythm structures as tools for visceral communication.”

Ven Voisey is a multi-disciplinary artist, working in sculpture, installation, painting, and sound. His practice, however, is unified by an overarching interest in communication -- the possibility or impossibility of translation -- between each other and one's self, across circumstance and species, and through time and technology. Born in Richmond, CA, Voisey grew up in the East Bay Area of Northern California. In 2000, he received a BA from San Francisco State University in a self-designed major combining Humanities, Electronic music, Film, and Conceptual Art. He continued his education outside of school by working, touring and collaborating with kinetic sculpture and installation collective Amorphic Robot Works, building machines, learning fundamental electronics, and composing music. In 2003, Voisey moved to North Adams, MA where he has worked with a variety of arts organizations (MASS MoCA, MCLA Gallery 51, Clark Art Institute, Images Cinema...) and making his own work. In 2010 he was Artist-in-Residence at the Berkshire Museum and was awarded the Individual Artist grant from Local Cultural Council of Northern Berkshire. His work was included in the 2012 deCordova Biennial at deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. Ven VoiseyNorth Adams, MA



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