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John Dooley
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My work deals with re-contextualization. I am interested in forms and systems that have been established and transformed. I'm interested in the forces that transform these systems and the fact that the representations of these systems and their transformations often then take on a life or meaning of their own, long after the meaning of the thing they represent has lost its original function. In describing the process I employ to create the artwork in this exhibition, I often picture myself kneeling at the banks of a stream. Through the stream flows the various aspects and products of our cultural production. I enjoy reaching into that stream, pulling out selected bits, reconfiguring them, and then setting them back into the flow.

In my own artwork I often employ sculptural and graphic strategies such as mapping, accumulating, sorting and gridding in order to explore and express this type of re-contextualization. The forms and systems I am interested in exploring and depicting have often already been subjected to this type of representation, and my work is then a second- or third-generation depiction of a subject. A picture of a picture of a picture, if you will.

John Dooley
June 2003








"Concentric USA II"

newsprint and magizine print on paper, 22" x 24"

photo by Tom Grizelle












installation view

photo S. Fleming



newsprint and magazine print on paper on panel

72" x 120"

photo by J. Rivera


"US" detail

 photo J River



 Dooley reception at the Roswell Museum and Art Center





john dooley

New York, NY

John has a BA from California State University,Humboldt and an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Art and Design.

Awards include a Guggenheim Foundation Residency Grant for the Contemporary Artist's Center in North Adams, Mass. He is a preparator at the Museum of Modern Art in NY and exhibits at Andrea Schwartz Gallery in San Francisco.



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"New York III"

12' x 20'

photo S. Fleming