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roswell artist-in-residence program
& the
 roswell museum and art center

present in the Marshall Gallery

January 18 - February 17, 2002




"Landscape", detail, 33" x 34" x 26", 2001
Light, cast shadow, fiberglass, steel, wood, motor.
(Kinetic, shadow mouth appears to move as if talking.)

"Hand", 2001, light, cast shadow, copper

"Dialogue" (in motion), 1999, styrene, wood, motor, light, cast shadow
(Kinetic, shadow mouths appear to move as if talking.)

"5:00", 2001, painted plexiglass, wood, colored pencil

"I like looking at the light in the afternoon and watching shadows move. It reminds me that everything is always changing. I like things that do not have concrete form, like clouds, water, shadows, and the kindness of people. 

I have been experimenting with light and shadows along with various other media to examine what separates solid and ephemeral, visible and invisible, inner and outer.

One of the issues I focus on is the boundary we create within ourselves by categorizing the world. Through my work I wish to remind ourselves of how we preconceive what is around and inside us. Knowledge, ideas, and values are too often accepted without questioning. Can we find a way to evaporate ourselves from a pond and condensate over an ocean? Can we see a common thread that connects all things?"

Kumi Yamashita

MFA University of Washington, Seattle
BFA,Glasgow School of Art
Cornish College of the Arts
Fortman Studio, Florence, Italy;
Palazzo Spinelli Art Institute, Florence, Italy.

Awards include: 
Artist Trust GAP Award, Seattle, WA.
King County Arts Commission Special Projects Grant.
The Betty Bowen Special Recognition Award,  Seattle, WA.
Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha, NE.

Group Exhibitions include:
Kent Gallery, New York
University Art Gallery at UC San Diego, CA
Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, UK
Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, UK