RAIR | 2016-17

Andrea Jespersen | London, England

Andrea Jespersen is a graduate of the Royal College of Art (England) and Glasgow School of Art (Scotland). Her practice and research focuses on art grounded in conceptual considerations that incorporate time-consuming handmade methods. Female conceptual art practices that rely on the 'cerebral handmade' are further defined by the artist in the PhD 'Mind Circles: on conceptual deliberation−Hanne Darboven and the trace of the artist's hand.

Andrea's latest project, relating to notions of healing, began with a two-year period as guest curator at Medical Museion in Copenhagen (Denmark). It is an extensive project that consists of a publication with eleven interdisciplinary contributors, collaborative public events with two scientists and a trilogy of separate solo exhibitions; 'Human Silver Halo' at Medical Museion (Copenhagen), 'Mind Circles' at BALTIC’s project room (Newcastle upon Tyne, England), and 'part of the equation' at Angus-Hughes Gallery (London). The large-scale analogue silver gelatin prints, which featured in the shows, were made during an artist residency at the Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen (Denmark).


“Essentially, the cerebral is at the core of my art practice. Tethered to my interdisciplinary activities and collaborations is a regular reliance on slow handmade processes. I consciously use a diverse collection of materials, techniques and mediums that are chosen to sustain the idea of a given project. My exhibited artworks morph into aesthetic constellations – ghosts pivoting on a concern with the restricted kinds of knowledge society generally appears to value. During my twelve-months as Roswell Artist-in-Residence I will work with (and against) drawing, to further explore the possibilities of the handmade's collaboration with the conceptual.”


For documentation and further information on Andrea's work, including her writing and an extended exhibition record, visit – www.jespersen.co.uk



Roswell Museum and Art Center

Rair exhibition • Andrea Jespersen "Grasping the Air of Not (yet) Knowing" July 29 - September 10, 2017