AMoCA Collection  |  Cherry Bomb,  acrylic, spray paint, tar paper, nails, 36" x 58" x 2", 2005 - 2015

AMoCA CollectionCherry Bomb, acrylic, spray paint, tar paper, nails, 36" x 58" x 2", 2005 - 2015

RAIR 2015-16

Bridget Mullen | Brooklyn, New York

Bridget Mullen, born in Minnesota, holds an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and a BAE from Drake University. She has received two grants from the Albert K. Murray Fine Arts Fund, and fellowships from Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (2013), Yaddo (2014), and The Fine Arts Work Center (2010-2011 and 2014-2015). Solo shows include The University of North Georgia, Gainesville; The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts; and in 2016, Satellite Contemporary in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Bridget currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


"Coincidence, chaos, and chance are necessary in my process. My studio floor is covered with a ‘compost’ of old drawing fragments, paint splatters, and collected found materials such as uniquely shaped rocks and wooden scraps. These overlapping materials serve as fodder for new images, triggering surprising associations whose latent layers of meaning emerge over time.Having no preconceived plan, I invite missteps. I work quickly, without censor, to capture myself at times fumbling and at times confident. Every action becomes a catalyst for reaction. I work free associatively and deposit paint left on my brush to create incidental images. I deconstruct past work and collage fragments with new work to mutate the original meaning. My creative process feels close to dreaming: subconsciously guiding myself through a seemingly confounding mess towards a resonant truth.” 
Don’t Avoid Voids is a body of work made in New Mexico.
Don’t Avoid Voids was born from improvisation to amplify the constantly changing present moment. 


Don’t Avoid Voids is a mantra reminder that an expanse of time and space doesn’t need to be filled with sound or action.
Don’t Avoid Voids because Voids help sustain awareness of presence in the present moment 
                             (and it’s important to remember you are here now for a relative short amount of time.)


Roswell Museum and Art Center

Rair exhibition • Bridget Mullen "Don't Avoid Voids" January 15 - FebruarY 28, 2016