AMoCA Collection  |  Buggin on Cezanne , acrylic, house paint, spray paint on canvas, 45 x 65 inches, 2016

AMoCA CollectionBuggin on Cezanne, acrylic, house paint, spray paint on canvas, 45 x 65 inches, 2016

RAIR | 2015-16

Cate White | Oakland, California

Originally from the back woods of northern California, Cate White received a BA from Dominican University in 1994, after which she returned to some different back-woods for the duration of her 20s. She began painting at age 30 in 2002 and earned her MFA from John F. Kennedy University’s Arts and Consciousness program in Berkeley, CA in 2010. 

In the last 5 years Cate has exhibited work in Denmark, Los Angeles, Atlanta and the Bay Area, with solo shows in San Francisco, Oakland and Hayward. She has presented at the San Francisco Art Institute, Mills College, UC Berkeley and is slated to be a visiting artist at the University of New Mexico and at Sonoma State University in 2016. She was the recipient of Oakland’s ProArts 2x2 Solos award in 2013 and the 2014-2015 Tournesol Award from Headlands Center for the Arts, a year-long funded residency for a Bay Area painter. She has lived and worked in Oakland, CA for the past 8 years.


" While primarily a painter, I also make books, sculpture and videos, all of which share a raw aesthetic and a natural emotional honesty. My subject matter varies widely: existential reckoning, mundane observations, portraits of friends and intimate depictions of our shared lives. I like how “truth” is complicated when personal realities collide with normalized beliefs about gender, race, class, beauty, and morality.   Both premeditation and improvisation are central to my process, as I look for a balance between intellect and intuition, between my considered viewpoints and the revelation of unconscious knowledge. I am always in search of greater freedom, even within the limitations of history and conditioning. I use humor, compassion and paradox to make this tension bearable and even enlivening."

Roswell Museum and Art Center

Rair exhibition • Cate White "The keys to the city" July 29 - October 2, 2016