RAIR | 2018-19

George Rodart | New York, NY

I was raised in Pasadena California a few blocks from the Pasadena Art Museum. Initially I studied Physics, later working in the computer industry and on the Apollo Project. I came to realize that I was destined to be an artist and enrolled at UCLA to study art. I mentored with Richard Diebenkorn and John McCracken, graduating with a MFA in 1972. In LA I exhibited with the Ulrike Kantor gallery. I was included in both the 1975 and 1983 Whitney Biennials. In 1984 I received a Guggenheim Fellowship in painting. I moved to NYC, entered a relationship, raised a kid and continued my investigations into the nature of painting. I have been painting continuously for fifty years. My body of work is exploratory and investigative. It is an inquiry into how the culture uses the painted image as both a vehicle for expression and as a signifier of the cultural moment.


Roswell Museum and Art Center

Rair exhibition • George Rodart "Painting in the 21st Century" July 20-September 8, 2019