AMoCA Collection  |  Siblings , wood, cement, plaster, 2016

AMoCA Collection | Siblings, wood, cement, plaster, 2016

RAIR | 2015-16

Luis Sahagun | Chicago, IL

Luis Sahagun is a Chicago based visual artist specializing in sculpture and painting.  Luis earned his BFA in industrial design from Southern Illinois University in 2006 and his MFA in paintings from Northern Illinois University in 2015. He has participated in multiple solo, juried, invitational, and national exhibitions in the U.S and Mexico. In addition to being featured in New American Paintings 2014 (MFA issue), Luis’ work has also been showcased at the International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art (Expo) Chicago.  He is currently represented by Kruger Gallery Chicago, a gallery rooted in an avant-garde ideal that art can be an agent for political and social change.


Artist Statement: “My passion lies in creating paintings, sculptures, and objects out of repurposed street rubble, such as cardboard, concrete, metal, and wood. I replace the traditional tools of paintbrushes and palette knives with reciprocal and circular saws. My objective is to use destruction/demolition as a vehicle to make a unique artistic mark. 

In my Cardboard paintings, I begin collecting cardboard found on the streets of my community. Once my studio is congested with material, I begin to meticulously stack and attach it until large cube-shaped structures are formed. After the gluing process is completed, I use power tools to deconstruct and disfigure the form. I make cuts, tears, and slices on the surface wot develop a history that simultaneously encapsulates and uncovers the materials physicality.”

Roswell Museum and Art Center

Rair exhibition • luis sahagun "colorin colorado" April 30 - June 19, 2016