AMoCA Collection  |  Phil, Spahetti Incident? , digitally printed polyester satin, 86”x44”x41”, 2015

AMoCA Collection | Phil, Spahetti Incident?, digitally printed polyester satin, 86”x44”x41”, 2015

RAIR | 2015-16

Topia & gould | London, UK

Topia and Gould have worked collaboratively since 2008 after meeting in Liverpool, England.

Roxy Topia received her BA from The Kent Institute of Art and Design, UK. Paddy Gould received his BA from Kingston University, London. Since 2010 they have been based in London and have exhibited internationally, with solo shows in London at George and Jorgen Gallery, Studio 1.1 and most recently at Monte Vista Projects in Los Angeles. Previous residencies include Linz, Austria as part of the 2009 Capital of Culture.

Topia-Gould currently reside in Birkenhead, Merseyside, UK


Roxy: “So for the awkward part…Recently we have been digitally manipulating our handmade collaborative drawings into new designs for sculpture using digitally printed polyester satin and working with automotive paint over glazed Ceramics. (FACT!) Our works often reside where the boundaries of painting, sculpture and drawing converge or collapse.” Paddy: “Not sure about that last sentence. Is it more like how things that are intertwined, like lovers or mediums, tend towards each other but don’t actually become each other, forming a third, flattened thing?” Roxy: “Totes.” Paddy: “The constant dialogues we have about all manner of things are bound up in what we make but we could not possibly list all of them here as they would cloud the work.” Roxy: “And also there just isn’t the room! I think we are always looking for the possibilities that our relationship brings that are not present when we work alone, and trying to deal with collaboration in all of its complexities.” Paddy: “But saying all of that we don’t really trust in artists’ statements.” Roxy: “Well you don’t have to act serious to be serious. So feel free to disregard most of the above.” Paddy: “The work is better and more free than anything we could write here.” Roxy: “Just go and hang out with it already and trust your own experiences!”

Roswell Museum and Art Center

Rair exhibition • Roxy topia and paddy gould "The recovery positions" November 20, 2015 - January 3, 2016