AMoCA Collection  |  Pallet House (Room 1) , 24”x24”, wood, 2013

AMoCA CollectionPallet House (Room 1), 24”x24”, wood, 2013

RAIR | 2012-13

Ven Voisey | Oakland, CA

Ven Voisey (b. 1976) was born in Richmond, CA and raised throughout the San Francisco East Bay Area. He received a BA in Conceptual Art and Electronic Media (a self-designed major combining elements of Conceptual Art, Electronic Music, Film and Humanities) from San Francisco State University in 2001. He has worked with and traveled internationally as a member of Amorphic Robot Works (Brooklyn, NY), and has exhibited nationally with his own work at Ferrin Gallery (MA), Art Center for the Capital Region (MY), Salisbury University (MD), Southern Exposure (CA), ABCO Artspace (CA) among others. In 2012 his work was included in the DeCordova Biennial at DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA. In addition to the RAiR Program, Voisey has completed residencies at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnston, VT; Contemporary Artists Center in North Adams, MA; and the Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA.



The human animal is under construction.

As a species with a historic need to create, build, and transcend itself scientifically, economically, and spiritually, we have a unique habit of continually altering our environment, our means of survival, and our consciousness. With an increasingly rampant output of information, structures, rhythms, and systems both figurative and literal, societal and personal, intentional and inadvertent, we find ourselves in the midst of densely layered realities, from the cities we construct to the ideologies we abide by.

The works built for Unfinished Animal are structures; layerings of familiarity, pre-existing meaning, and continually mutating contexts. Neon advertisements are obscured by leaded glass abstractions, shipping pallets reconfigured into architectural illusions, technology developed for recording and broadcasting information transformed into visceral aural instruments of unobtainable ephemerality. Unfinished Animal is an exhibition of impractical instruments created to evoke questions, and interface the unknown; a celebration straddling the division between absurd and mundane, valuable and useless, profane and sacred.

Roswell Museum and Art Center

Rair exhibition • Ven Voisey "Unfinished AnimaL" • August 9 – September 18, 2013